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May 26, 2016

BYO wine has always been a staple at Mezzo Restaurant for the last seven years. Mezzo Italian Restaurant Melbourne CBD falls in the category of being one of the few remaining restaurants in the Melbourne CBD that offer BYO Wine. The corkage charge at Mezzo Restaurant, for a CBD restaurant, remains extremely reasonable at $10 per bottle.

BYO Wine is a winner for the consumer. Firstly, you save yourself from paying the excessive, although necessary mark ups that restaurants place on their wines and secondly you choose what you would like to drink v’s being confined to what is on the restaurant wine list.

BYO wine is also a money saver. Restaurants pay a very similar price for their wholesale wine as do consumers at the chain stores. For an extra $10 you are able to consume the bottle in the restaurant. If you purchase a bottle of wine for $20 at one your favourite wine merchant, you will pay $30 all together to enjoy the bottle of BYO Wine at Mezzo Restaurant at $10 corkage. If you were to purchase that same wine from a restaurant, you would pay no less than $50 – $60 for that same bottle. You have made a considerable saving by bringing your own BYO Wine.

As BYO Wine is a considerable money saver at Mezzo Restaurant, we do not allow the use of the Entertainment Card discount alongside BYO Wine. Therefore if you would like to drink your favourite BYO Wine in comfortable surroundings with great approachable Italian Food, we would love to see you soon.

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