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Oyster Extravaganza – Friday 23 September!

September 21, 2016

Oysters – you either love ’em or you hate ’em. Some call them succulent, others say slimy.

However you feel about these little babies, it can’t be denied that they pack a punch. You may not get turned on by eating one, but you will get a healthy wallop of zinc which will make you feel good and give you energy – Google even says they will boost your sex drive…

On Friday 23rd September, we pay homage to this polarising slippery sea mollusc.

Head down to Mezzo Italian Restaurant Melbourne CBD for an oyster extravaganza, we will present two varieties of oysters (Coffin Bay and Sydney Rock), served three ways, for only $2.00 a pop:
1. Natural with red wine vinegar and diced shallot dressing, lemon
2. Kilpatrick with crispy prosciutto
3. Crumbed and deep fried, herb maio

Plus, happy hour drinks:
Carlton Draught/Cavalier Pale Ale $4 pots and $8 pints
$6 wines + spirits160923-oyster-extravaganza

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