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October 11, 2016

Private Dining in the Melbourne CBD has always been very popular. The desire for a Private Room in the Melbourne CBD has only increased as the diners expectations and specific requirements create the demand for a Private Arena. Private Dining Rooms are no longer the domains of the corporate set and guests that can feel comfortable with the minimum spends attached. . Private Areas / Rooms are now used for all types of events. Birthdays, engagements, getting together with friends and family, intimate special events are all now being held in Private Dining areas. Mezzo found itself turning away so many requests for Private Areas that we too decided to build a Private Area / Room at Mezzo Italian Restaurant in Melbourne CBD. It is very exciting to be able to offer a Private Dining option within Mezzo for the first time. The room will comfortably accomodate 40 seated guests in privacy. Dividing you from the rest of the room will be some beautiful decorator drapes housed in our new purposely built hanging wall. Mezzo Italian Restaurant welcomes Private Dining with open arms. It is welcome to be used by all guests for any occasion. We have just added Mezzo Italian Restaurant to the list of Restaurants offering Private dining in the Melbourne CBD.

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